Deyonta Davis 14 Points Full Highlights (11/22/2017)

Much like the last (and only, before tonight) time I made a Deyonta Davis highlight package, the buckets contained within fail to elicit much excitement from me. Put more simply, they’re boring. All it is is Davis getting spoonfed looks right at the basket, finishing them in the lamest way possible. Can he create his own offense at all? He might be able to, he might not, but we’ll never know if all our intel comes from DTB vids.

I just wanted to see one jumper. Just one single jumper. There’s no way he can’t hit jumpers. So why don’t we get to see that in game?

I can’t even tell if the Grizzlies are holding him back or not. He doesn’t get many minutes, but he also does little with the minutes he does receive. Even when he does something good he looks uninterested. That works if you’re, like, Kobe or something, pretending you don’t care about anything because of how much of a baller you are. But with Davis, he needs to show a little more emotion. End-of-bench players have to endear themselves to the coaches with excessive energy. That’s just how it works.

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