Dion Waiters 26 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (11/22/2017)

Dion “Negative Win Shares” Waiters might have been a total chuckmaster in this game (11 of 24, woooo!), but whatever bad will he had accumulated during the course of the game was immediately and authoritatively nullified by his big-time slammy-jam with less than a minute to go in the game. It was a good thing Kyrie wasn’t standing underneath that ball as it rocketed through the net or it would have re-broken his face.

Waiters was already feeling it with his two clutch three-pointers which helped the Heat maintain their dwindling lead over the Celtics. So, if we’re being totally fair and honest here, Waiters is the single reason why the Heat held on to win this game. Even with his negative win shares. Even with his field goal percentage that’s barely over 40%. It hurts me so deep to say these positive words about Waiters but I’m powering through it. Waiters was…gulp…the key to victory.


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