Thon Maker 16 Points/3 Blocks Full Highlights (11/22/2017)

Defying the expectations of pretty much all Bucks fans, Thon Maker did not build on the “promising” playoff series he had against the Raptors. Notice those quotation marks? Those mean that DownToBuck did not think Maker’s play against Toronto in the postseason was very promising at all. He looked kind of okay, sometimes. Nothing that screamed “I’m going to start and be effective next year”.

The first bad sign was that he sucked dong in the first Summer League game this year, then was withdrawn from the event. His not-goodness has continued into the beginning of the season; he looks worse at just about everything. He still can’t catch a pass, he can’t rebound, he can’t jump, he doesn’t look like he’s played competitive basketball before, his shooting isn’t very good, he’s a foul machine, it’s basically been nothing but bad news on the Maker front.

Lest you call me a hater, I will admit that he had a good scoring game tonight. He had a really dumb and costly foul late in the game (his sixth) that opened the door for the Suns to tie the game, but he was kind of clutch with all those midrange jimmies that he splashed. Greg Monroe must have told all his new Suns friends that he couldn’t shoot, and he made them pay.

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