Tim Hardaway Jr. Career High 38 Points Full Highlights (11/22/2017)

Huh. Wow. That third quarter was sure something. The crowd at MSG was freaking out as the Knicks scored point after point, with no response from the Raptors except sad faces and one angry coach. I’m sure any Raptors fans who haven’t yet succumbed to the cold Canadian winter turned this one off after their team failed to make a bucket for the first 10 minutes of the quarter.

Tim Hardaway Jr., as you may have guessed based on his point total and the above paragraph, did a lot of damage in that quarter. But he also did a lot of damage the other quarter as well; he was consistent with his scoring throughout, and added some nice dimes for good measure.

I’m really sorry about all those times I said he couldn’t pass or do anything besides score. I mean, at the time of writing those words were right, but I still didn’t show enough faith in Hardaway that he would improve. He’s practically a PG at this point, so improved is his passing.

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