Trevor Ariza 25 Points/7 Threes Full Highlights (11/22/2017)

I always kind of assumed that Trevor Ariza was somewhere around 40 percent from three during his time with the Rockets. Just on the basis of how many games he had where he hit a bunch. Turns out I was being a really big dumbass, because he’s shot 35%-ish from three during those four years. Only the power of John Wall on the Wizards could drag him over the magical .400.

That is why I think Wall is the better PG over Harden. Harden is great and all, but can he elevate any random SF to near All-Star status? Wall can. Easily. He does it all the time, whereas Harden is more of a “check out my insane stats” kind of player.

If Ariza went to a team without a good PG, he would immediately turn into dust. Of that much I am sure. He wasn’t all that good back a bajillion years ago when Greivis Vasquez was his main distributor, and now he’s way older. Trade him to the Bucks or something, and he’d be out of the league in an instant.

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