Fred VanVleet 16 Points Full Highlights (11/24/2017)

Fred “Vleet of Foot” VanVleet: Toronto Raptors backup point guard.

That means we can expect more of this in the upcoming games, at least until Delon Wright comes back. There’s no way Lorenzo Brown is going to be taking minutes away from anybody, so playing time for the Vleeter is pretty much guaranteed.

He’d already scored 10 points a bunch of times this season, but I knew that if I waited, he would do something really spectacular. My standards may be a little low, but I consider a chunky-looking 5’9″ guy scoring 16 points “spectacular”. Don’t you? Watch this video: it’s like Muggsy Bogues part 2 out there, with less purple and teal and more Rockfordian savagery.

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