Jerian Grant Career High 21 Points Full Highlights (11/24/2017)

Jerian Grant: worst starting point guard in the league yeah or nah?

Don’t think about it too hard: the answer is a solid “nah” because Grant is no longer the starting point guard for the Bulls. He started the first fourteen games, but has been benched in the last three games for Kris Dunn, who is now the lucky player who gets to vie for the title of “worst starting point guard in the league”. Bench players are allowed to be as bad as they want, so nobody should continue to care about the fact that Grant is shooting sub-40% from the field and sub-30% from three.

Second question. Jerian Grant: better than his brother Jerami yeah or nah?

This one is also a pretty easy “nah”. Jerami plays on a team with actual talent but is a valuable player off the bench even though he shoots threes about twice as horribly as Jerian does. We don’t know what Jerian would look like on a team where he has a well-defined role backing up legit NBA players, so we can revisit this in a couple of years.

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