Lance Stephenson 18 Points Full Highlights (11/24/2017)

It is confirmed: Lance Stephenson is incapable of playing well on any team that isn’t the Pacers. He just can’t do it. Something about the Pacers logo and colors makes him (sometimes) play up to his full potential.

Games like this for Lance are getting rarer and rarer, sadly. It’s great to see, when it happens, see him get really hyped, see the crowd go insane as he urges them on, see him hit stupid jumpers that he shouldn’t really be taking, it’s a total blast. Most of the time, though, his play is just kind of sobering. Like, what happened to the Lance who was doing this all the time? He’s still in there, somewhere, and he came out tonight. 13 points in the fourth quarter, all of them needed to hold off the Raptors, a bunch of them a result of threes that he was the least qualified on the court to shoot.

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