Nikola Jokic 28 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (11/24/2017)

New candidate for DTB’s “Craziest Line Uttered By an NBA Commentator” award: “I feel like I’m in a macaroni and cheese commercial”. Don’t we all, Scott Hastings. Don’t we all.

This is right up there with “I took a look at Baynes in the shower…”. I don’t think it quite tops Tommy Heinsohn’s inexplicable admission of voyeurism, but it’s close.

To be fair to these guys, the NBA season is very long. And you are tasked with saying a whole lot of words during it. Eventually, just because of the sheer volume of wordage that has to be delivered, some of it is going to come out a little loopy. Usually it takes a bit longer in the season for stuff like that to happen, though. And usually only to the really bad teams. Those commentators have it rough, and you can tell.

The point Hastings was trying to make involved wordplay between “Kraft”, a horrible brand of easy-to-prepare macaroni and cheese, and “crafty”, which Nikola Jokic and Marc Gasol are. It was horrible, the explanation doesn’t help it, and if you cut off the second part of his thought, Hastings sounds like a mentally unsound individual.

But enough about mac n’ cheese. This is a Nikola Jokic vid, and I don’t even know if they have such a dish in Serbia. If they don’t, man, you guys are really missing out. When prepared by a Midwestern church lady, it’s basically god’s gift to man. None of that boxed crap though. Gotta do the real thing, with real cheese and real noodles. Maybe some of that fancy Italian cheese in there. And bread crumbs. Hell yeah.

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