Terry Rozier Career High 23 Points Full Highlights (11/24/2017)

For some reason I was getting the impression that Celtics fans weren’t too pleased with how “Scary” Terry Rozier was performing this year. I don’t watch tons of Celtic games, but it looks like he’s had a few good games already this season. The problem is, he’s shooting 34 percent on the season from the field, and not getting assists like a guy his should.

I’m sure Celtics fans’ displeasure is tempered by the fact that they’re winning every single god-damn game that they’re playing right now. Hard to be too upset with a player when the team wins even when they suck. Still, it seems like it would be nice to have a competent backup for Kyrie, and you know Larkin isn’t going to ever rise to that level.

Rozier had his best game ever scoring the ball tonight, on the back of the multitude of triples that he hit. I take issue with the idea that Tommy Heinsohn advanced, that he could be a 20ppg scorer, but it’s good to have optimism. Especially when you’re as old as Tommy is. Most dudes his age are roasting the crap out of everything by that point.

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