Buddy Hield 27 Points/7 Threes Full Highlights (11/25/2017)

I thought hard about including Buddy Hield’s absolute airball on his potential game-winning/tying attempt. It was really bad! It didn’t even come close to going in, but I decided to leave you all with a much kinder picture of how Hield performed tonight.

He was, certainly, clutch as all heck, hitting two threes in the last minute to cap a big Kings comeback. Blake Griffin hit a big shot to undo all his hard work, and then Hield failed utterly on the final shot, but it was he who brought the Kings all the way back. Haters can go somewhere else to spread their vile words. At least for tonight.

Hield of Dreams hasn’t been as good as I hoped this season. He’s not exactly bad, but after his excellent end to the season last year I was expecting bigger things. 20 points per game was maybe a stretch in retrospect, but I still believed. Hell, after tonight, I believe stronger than ever. 27 points with 7 threes is just thing to get his season on the track I thought it was going to be on. The one with Garrett Temple tied to the rails.

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