Michael Beasley 30 Points Full Highlights (11/25/2017)

Michael Beasley was a legit good player for a playoff team last year. That’s the facts right there, undisputable. So why are the Knicks (probably not a playoff team) seemingly not interested in letting B-Easy show his stuff?

It took Porzingis and Kanter being injured for him to get his chance, and he took advantage. With fury. 30 points, 24 in the first half, he didn’t even need to his many of his weird-looking jumpers to impose his will on the Rockets. He cooled off eventually, and it lead to a rout with the Knicks on the losing end, but for a while there I was believing. Beas-lieving. If I had had a Porzingis jersey in my possession, I probably would have burned it. Who needs a new-school 20+ ppg bigman when you can have an old-school 20+ ppg bigman? There’s a reason he was drafted second overall, and all the team-hopping and waffle fries and goofy hair can’t change that.

More true facts, by the way.

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