Otto Porter 24 Points Full Highlights (11/25/2017)

The Wizards were up by 17 points after Otto Porter made his free throws with 8:53 left in the fourth quarter. Otto Porter did not attempt another field goal the rest of the game and the Wizards ended up losing to the Blazers by three. OFFICIAL WHOSE FAULT WAS IT THAT THE WIZARDS LOST POWER RANKINGS [NOTING THAT I DIDN’T WATCH THE GAME OR BOTHER TO DO ANY RESEARCH]:

1. John Wall for being injured
2. Scott Brooks and his secrit plays
3. Ernie Grunfeld for being the worst GM in the universe and Ted Leonsis for being a garbage owner
4. Tim Frazier for not being John Wall
5. Markieff Morris for missing shots when it should have been Otto Porter taking the shots
6. Bradley Beal, probably


9001. Otto Porter, who was blameless in this whole fiasco

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