Tony Snell 18 Points Full Highlights (11/25/2017)

Tony “Prince of Darkness” Snell is currently leading the league in true shooting percentage (if you take out all the people who don’t have enough shots to qualify) at 69.5%. I don’t know how true shooting percentage is calculated or why the stat even exists in the first place, but if puts a Bucks player at the top of the league in a category, then I’m definitely in favor of that stat existing.

So if you were going to make fun of Snell for his extremely sparse box score (1 each of rebounds, blocks, and fouls in this game, quite Snellesque), just don’t even try because it won’t work and you’ll just look like a dumb-dumb. Snell impacts the game in many ways that don’t show up in the box score: he defends, he doesn’t use up possessions hogging the ball, he’s so dark that sometimes opposing defenders lose track of him because they think he’s a dementor, and he is 100% not Michael Carter-Williams.

I say this often, but I still can’t believe that trade happened. Damn.

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