DeMarre Carroll 24 Points Full Highlights (11/26/2017)

The Nets had to be aware of this fact when they acquired DeMarre “CarrLOL” Carroll: he can only be really effective when surrounded with four (4) All-Stars, like he was on the Hawks. Luckily, it turns out he can be half-effective even without any All-Stars, which is great because the Nets don’t have any. At all. Not even close, really. Unless you’re really high on D’Angelo Russell and his ability to come back from injury twice as talented as before.

The last time anyone really cared about this dude was when he was on the Raptors. It wasn’t the good kind of care, in that case; Toronto fans were mad about how much he was getting paid and combined him with Patrick Patterson to form the “Trash Bros”. I thought that was funny, and it was still funny even after they creamed the Bucks in the playoffs. I love it when fanbases totally turn on their own team’s players.

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