Jerian Grant Career High 24 Points Full Highlights (11/26/2017)

If you thought the last Jerian Grant vid I did sucked, you probably won’t think this one is any better. Even though he scored a then-career-high in both of them, they are about the farthest thing from “exciting” or “dynamic” as it’s possible to be. If you slapped together his very best plays, accentuated with dramatic slomo replays, applied some grayscale, and added a sick beat, maybe someone in Mongolia could get hyped for him. But just a single-game highlight package, no way.

After Kris Dunn looked to be decisively winning the lamest PG battle in history, Grant has come back with two ultra-solid performances. It looks like this will be a prolonged battle, and there will be no winners. Neither player, and definitely none of the fans. Personally, I’m rooting for that Arcidiacono dude, because at least he’s white. Not racist or anything, but white American PGs are the new type of player to ironically enjoy.

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