Mike James 26 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (11/26/2017)

I got kinda mad while making this vid, and I almost sabotaged by splicing the audio of that new Suns commentator guy saying “Proud to own the three-point zone! Fulton Homes donates one-hundred dollars to Suns charities” over the entire thing. No actual commentary (although that was in short supply anyway), just that stupid promotional phrase layered in various combinations.

Seriously, I’m going to have to start using the away team’s commentators when making Suns highlights, because they’re getting ruined by Fulton Homes. Not even joking. It’s so bad. They said it SO MANY times in this vid, and I cut a whole bunch more. It wasn’t this bad a couple years ago when they had the same deal (and I wrote a story about one of the Morrises getting trapped in a Fulton Homes home… forever), but this new guy, he even INTERRUPTED his parter to say the stupid line. God damn. Is he gonna get fired if he doesn’t say it? Does he have a gun pointed to his head by a Fulton Homes goon?

Mike James scored 26 tonight, a new career high. I don’t think he gives even half of a crap about Fulton Homes and their meager donation to charity. He also got seven assists, most of them for three-pointers which is the whole reason I’m pissed right now.

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