Isaiah Whitehead Career High 24 Points Full Highlights (11/27/2017)

It turns out that Isaiah Whitehead already had a game earlier in his career where he scored 24. It happened, and I made highlights of it, but I don’t remember it all. I thought for sure his career high was about 17 points and this 24-point performance smashed it, becoming the definitive performance of his young career.

I was probably thinking of Caris LeVert. Maybe I still am. The whole situation is very confusing for me.

Anyway, even though this isn’t a mind-blowing offensive performance from Whitehead (actually it still kinda is), here are the highlights anyway. I don’t know what Nets fans were expecting from this dude this season, probably more than they’re getting, but this game will be sure to please. If you thought he was going to be a three-point specialist, well, he hit a three. A slashing two-guard? He definitely executed some nice drives to the bucket. Midrange maestro? That pull-up midrange jimmie has surely made you into a believer.

Note: don’t let the fact that I didn’t mention how much I want to punch his very-punchable face lead you to believe that I don’t want to punch it any longer. I very much do.

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