Jonathon Simmons 21 Points Full Highlights (11/27/2017)

Jonathon Simmons has continued to play solid basketball even during the Magic’s interminable losing streak, which now stands at nine games. My hypothesis that Simmons would struggle on a team without as friendly a system as the Spurs continues to get proven wrong.

Sure, Simmons doesn’t really accumulate stats other than the scoring kind of stats. But his scoring currently sits at a comfortable 20 points per 36 minutes, so it’s not like he even needs to get other stats. Vucevic is there for rebounds, Payton is there for assists, Gordon is there for dunks, Fournier is there for balding-ness, and Simmons is there to get the ball into the bucket with his unorthodox, sometimes out-of-control playstyle.

By the way, have you guys heard the story about how Simmons made it into the league by starting with a D-League tryout?

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