Willie Cauley-Stein 19 Points/6 Assists/4 Dunks Full Highlights (11/27/2017)

Willie Cauley-Stein again had a game where he didn’t display much of his newly-expanded offensive arsenal; he was limited to mostly layups, dunks, and putbacks in this one. Perhaps Joerger told him to stop being a moron and only take the shots he can make reliably. Anyway, none of that matters anymore because WCS just showed us his ALL-AROUND GAME. If you’re not a real hooper you probably don’t know what that term means, so I’ll tell you: ALL-AROUND GAME is when a player can do more than just score. In this case, WCS displayed his passing skill, his love of hard rolls to the basket, and his shot-blocking ability.

If I knew anything about defense or cared at all about defense I could throw “defensive positioning” or “intelligent weak-side help” onto that list of things that comprise Cauley-Stein’s ALL-AROUND GAME but I don’t know or care about defense so I won’t. But we can definitely add “ability to lead team to victory against former champs” to the list.

With these flashes of ALL-AROUND GAME, Cauley-Stein becomes more like DeMarcus Cousins by the day, minus the diva-ness and constant whining and slight tubbiness and forced post moves. Kings fans who were done with WCS after his earlier string of dud games, show yourselves!

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