Justin Holiday 25 Points Full Highlights (11/28/2017)

I couldn’t fit all the cool stuff Justin Holiday did in the title of the video, so I kept it simple. 25 points. To go along with 3 boards, 5 assists, 2 steals, and 3 blocks. Looking at those numbers, you know who I’m thinking of? Kevin Garnett. Straight up. Except I don’t know if KG ever had a game where he only grabbed three rebounds. So you know who else I’m thinking of? Hakeem Olajuwon. Oh yeah. Much better.

Holiday really did it all tonight, except win the game. He played some defense. He moved the ball to about his maximum extent. His oft-criticized shot selection looked a little better. At least, he took some shots where a defender wasn’t draped all over him. That constitutes improvement in that area, I think. Someone has to shoot the shots on this Bulls team, and Holiday is willing to do so, credit to him. But Stacey King rags on him almost every game for it. Jealous that Holiday is going to top his own best ppg season? Most certainly.

Every time I think the NBA has nothing left to offer, it gives me a 15 ppg season from Justin Holiday. I am blessed.

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