Kris Dunn Career High 24 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (11/28/2017)

Kris “Dunn Dunn Dunn” Dunn and Jerian Grant are seemingly incapable of both having a good performance in the same game. Last game Grant goes for a career-high 24 while Dunn scores 2, this game Dunn goes for the career-high 24 and Grant scores 6. Most of the time they both suck, but it would be great for the Bulls if they could time it so they can appear to be functional NBA players simultaneously.

Dunn definitely looked like a functional NBA player tonight. 24 points, a career high, and 8 assists, a season-high (but not a career high because he racked up 16 [SIXTEEN {what}] in the last game of the season last year). He may have gotten totally rejected by Devin Booker late in the game when the Bulls needed a bucket, but he was the one who got the steal in the first place that set it up. You take the good with the bad. You do that with every player, and with Dunn, the good is no longer utterly dwarfed by the bad. At least not every game. Progress! The “bust” label can still be affixed to his forehead without being wholly incorrect, but it’s not as sure a thing anymore.

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