Royce O’Neale 11 Points Full Highlights (11/28/2017)

A few disorganized thoughts on Royce O’Neale because I don’t have enough material on O’Neale to compose several paragraphs of organized narrative about him:

-I thought his last name was pronounced “Oh-Neely” but both commentators here steadfastly called him “Oh-neel” like he’s Shaq’s son or something. So I went and found an interview where O’Neale says his name and it turns out I’m the dumb one. Sorry.
-He looks like the second coming of John Salmons so I will assume that he plays like John Salmons because that’s the most convenient for me. Then I don’t have to form any real opinions.
-This dude is the next John Salmons. Did you see him splash those threes? And that stepback is totally something that Bulls- or Bucks-era Salmons would have done. O’Neale = Salmons 2.0.
-I think this performance officially qualifies Royce O’Neale as the best Royce to ever play in the NBA. Sorry Royce White. [joke about airplanes goes here]
-Nate Wolters sighting!
-I tried my best to make this video a minute long but there simply wasn’t enough footage to make it happen. Sorry. Sorry.
-There are no more things of note to say about Royce O’Neale that I am aware of.

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