Tyus Jones 12 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (11/28/2017)

Having been given the starter’s job in relief of the injured Jeff Teague, Tyus Jones has had some good games by his standards. Last game had him notch a 9/7/7, with the last seven being steals, and this game he had a neat 12/7 line.

The caveat: Tiny Tyus played forty minutes and “only” got twelve points and seven assists. With the point guard position being such a scoring-heavy role these days, he’s one of the only point guards out there who could score so few points and still be considered to have had a “good” game. He’s scoring less than 8 points per 36 minutes, so it’s not like anybody expected him to go out there as the starter and start dropping 25/10 like he’s prime Chris Paul. His career high is seventeen, achieved in the meaningless final game of last season, and this game represents his second-highest scoring output ever.

The good news about Tyus’ unwillingness to score is that there are more than enough dudes on the Timberwolves roster who would love nothing more than to pick up the scoring slack. In that sense, it’s almost like Ricky Rubio is back on the Wolves in midget form.

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