Clint Capela 22 Points Full Highlights (11/29/2017)

I am honestly outraged and a little bit sick. This is not why I make Clint Capela videos. I am not a purveyor of filth. When I undertake the creation of a Clint Capela highlight video, I expect endless alley-oop whamjams and little else. However, on this occasion, we get honest-to-goodness hook shots from the post (something Capela is never supposed to do), as well as a disturbing display of layups (which are, mathematically, 400% less exciting than dunks).

The box-score would have you believe that there are five dunks from Capela in this video. However, one of them is a thrunk (throw-in dunk) and doesn’t count. One is off a loose ball. One is off a missed shot. One is a transition run-out. Only one of them is lob catch. Does that not make you literally sick to your stomach? I have a big plate of Pop Tarts of all different varieties sitting in front of me waiting for my consuption and I don’t want any of them. Not even the S’mores flavor. That’s how disgusted I am with this highlight video.

Every time Clint Capela shoots a hook shot, I think to myself, “this is the game where we can look back to it and say this is when Capela started thinking he was Dwight Howard 2.0 and requires lots of post touches”.

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