DeMarre Carroll 22 Points Full Highlights (11/29/2017)

When DeMarre Carroll started going off in the third quarter, swishing three-pointer after three-pointer, the entire Mavs team and all Mavs fans were thinking one thing and one thing only:

“The ghost of Matt Caroll has taken over the corporeal form of DeMarre Carroll and is exacting revenge on a Mavs team that never gave him a fair chance.”

Remember, Matt Caroll played 45 games for the Mavericks across two seasons in the late 00’s. He was used sparingly and only made five three-pointers during his time there despite his reputation as a three-point marksman. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the Mavericks ruined his career; he was in his prime, and he went from a valuable backup in Charlotte to an absolute zero in Dallas. Naturally, his ghost would be very angry about this turn of events, and would want to get revenge against the Mavericks through spooky and insidious means. What spookier way to spook the team that ruined your career and your life than to take over the body of a player who shares your last name and give him uncanny three-point shooting ability for a single quarter?

Scary stuff.

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