Josh Jackson 20 Points Full Highlights (11/29/2017)

Josh Jackson played 8 minutes and scored 0 points last game against the Bulls. If they are able to, Suns fans will have to tell me why such a thing could be allowed to happen. This isn’t Troy Daniels we’re talking about. This is Josh Jackson. The 4th overall pick. Maybe on a team that was actually good you could justify such limited playing time. But not on the Suns. He gets to play. No matter what, no matter if the team is doing better with him on the bench.

The Giants (NFL) just benched Eli Manning, drawing ire from all corners of the American Football landscape, and I’m not trying to compare these two situations, but they’re basically exactly the same.

Jackson responded professionally, scoring 20 in his next game and not immediately giving a postgame presser where he openly calls out the Suns for their mistreatment of him. Professionalism. What a breath of fresh air for Suns fans.

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