Luke Kennard 12 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (11/29/2017)

Doing a quick delve into the treasure trove of information that basketball-reference provides, I found a little tidbit that perfectly validates my conception of Luke Kennard: he’s shooting over 50% on midrange shots, a stat which jives with all the highlight videos I’ve made for him up to this point, since all those videos show him dropping in midrange jumpers with regularity.

Is it premature to assign him the nickname “Midrange Money”? I like the ring it has. Luke “Midrange Money” Kennard. Or we could do Luke “Money Midrange” Kennard. Either one works since both of them accurately convey the fact that Kennard is totally money from midrange, at least at this point.

The next step for Money Midrange’s development is to have him shoot more of those shots; he’s only shot 24 of them this year. Take away some shots from Avery Bradley if you must. He’s done developing. Money Midrange needs the shots and the development more than Bradley. Also, if Jeff Van Gundy is reading this (which he should be since I always know best how to develop players), if you don’t play Boban Marjanovic at least twenty minutes per game, I will punch you below the best with full force at the next possible opportunity.

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