Thaddeus Young 23 Points Full Highlights (11/29/2017)

In my last Thaddeus Young vid, I debuted a new award that intended to advance the cause of role players and scrubs in the NBA. It’s called the SORPWWOAGB award. That’s a lot of letters for just one acronym, so I’ll spell it out for you: “Scrub or Role Player Who Went Out And Got Buckets”. The Mad Thadder received one award already, with a 12 for 16 performance earlier in the month. And he’s about to receive another, this time on the back of an 11 for 15 shooting night. Congratulations Thad!

Sad thing is, Young might be one of the most forgotten players in the league, and no amount of handcrafted awards is going to fix that. People simply do not care about this dude, and their lack of care is so massive that he has to resort to ripping his own jersey off his body to get any attention at all. It’s called “acting out” and it’s the same thing that weird Eric kid was doing in elementary school when he showed everyone his wiener for show-and-tell.

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