Bogdan Bogdanovic 19 Points Full Highlights (12/1/2017)

Full disclosure: I don’t know what the heck the Kings commentators were talking about when they said that Bogdan “BogBog” Bogdanovic could tie his career-high at the line at the end of the game. Is there some sort of 20-point game he had before that I didn’t know about? I find that unlikely. I know what the European players are doing at all times, I know when they score 20 and when they don’t.

So this is a career-high for Bogdanovic. What the commentators said at the end of the vid was factually incorrect, but they were right that this particular career-high total isn’t going to last long. Watching the way he plays, how much smoothness and poise and all those other good adjectives that he has, he’s just going to keep scoring more and more as he gets used to the NBA.

He really, no lie, reminds of a lily-white Kevin Durant. If you made Kevin Durant a bit worse at everything, but let him keep his sweet jumper intact, and de-melanined his skin, Bogdanovic is what you’d end up with. I’m trying to come up with a Michael Jackson joke, but it just isn’t working. Maybe if I used Sammy Sosa instead I could make it work… nope.

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