Darius Miller 15 Points Full Highlights (12/1/2017)

In a way, the fact that Darius Miller is having a good season for the Pelicans just exposes the Pelicans FO’s inability to construct a sensible roster around Anthony Davis (and now DeMarcus Cousins as well). If the Pelicans could actually sign legit NBA role-players, they wouldn’t need to reach into the bottom of the barrel for the Darius Millers of the world and pray that they overperform as Miller is.

I’m not taking anything away from D-Mill. I love watching scrubs succeed. He’s like an ultra-budget Khris Middleton. But him and E’Twaun Moore are the fifth- and fourth-leading scorers on the team. You go down the roster and you don’t see anybody there who should be scoring more, either. Darius Miller is legitimately the fifth-best scorer on the Pelicans. If I’m Anthony Davis, I’m taking a break from accumulating minor injuries and I’m talking to my agent about a trade to a place where they know how to surround stars with talent.

Also, if I’m Anthony Davis, I’m getting naked in a locker room and having guys spank me while filming. That just looks like so much fun.

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