Jerian Grant 17 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (12/1/2017)

If there are any future NBA players watching this video (and there damn well better be), take note of the end of it. You see how Jerian Grant made a three-pointer as time expired in a lost game? Those are the kind of shots you need to be prepared to take if you want a highlight video from Mr. DownToBuck.

If Grant had only recorded a 14/6 statline, I would have not made a highlight video for him. Simple as that. Fourteen is too few points. But with the addition of a meaningless three-pointer, a seemingly minor act in this grand cosmic puppet show, Jerian’s performance goes from “unspectacular” to “worthy of highlightage”. So, all you young, aspiring ballers out there, get used to the idea of taking these shots. It could be the difference between getting a sweet highlight video and getting ignored and forgotten.

Also, when you make it into the NBA, can you please shout me out like Porzingis did with Dawkins. Not gonna lie, I was sorta jealous when that happened.

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