De’Aaron Fox 14 Points Full Highlights (12/2/2017)

Quick Quiz Question 1: what was Vince Carter telling De’Aaron Fox in the thumbnail image?

A.) [some sappy encouragement or positive message to lift the rookie’s spirits after he got yanked from the floor four minutes into the game]
B.) “Listen up rook, you know I can still catch lobs, right? So, next time down the floor, you either throw me a lob or you’re picking up my dry-cleaning for the rest of the season”
C.) “Look, our headbands match. We’re totally headband bros. This is a bond that can never be broken.”
D.) “You just made Eric Bledsoe into your bitch. He was like five steps behind you. If he had his phone with him right now he would be tweeting ‘I don’t wanna be here’ for sure.”

Quick Quiz Question 2: how fast is De’Aaron Fox?

A.) Fast
B.) Very Fast
C.) Gotta Go Fast
D.) Somewhat Fast
E.) Slow

Quick Quiz Question 3: how would DownToBuck react if he was a Kings fan and his team was down 0-15 to start the game?

A.) Turn off the game and make highlight videos instead
B.) Sit in stony silence, seething with rage
C.) Maintain a positive attitude because basketball is fun to watch, win or lose
D.) Sadly eat entire box of Pop Tarts

Answers to the questions above can be posted in the comments section below, but you should be advised that if you get any answers wrong, I will come to your place of residence and take away your computer/phone/internet device.

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