DeAndre’ Bembry 12 Points Full Highlights (12/2/2017)

I made this whole video and I still don’t know the answer to my question: can DeAndre’ Bembry shoot the ball? We can conclusively conclude that he has the ability to finish at the rim, and that he can shoot free throws (which, while a form of shooting, is not quote-unquote “shooting”), but we cannot make any conclusive conclusions on his shooting ability. All of his missed shots in this game (he was 5-of-11 on FG’s) were near the basket, so he didn’t even try a jumper.

I went back and watched the last (and only) video I made for this guy, which was a ten-point outburst in February of this year. In that video, Bembry made a jumpshot. It was awkward looking, and his body was sort of turned the wrong way, but it went in. So, at least at that point, Bembry was comfortable enough with his jumpshot that he felt like he could take one in a game.

However, I am committed to journalistic excellence, so I had to delve deeper. Basketball-reference’s shot charts elucidate the situation further: this year, Bembry is 2-of-10 on jumpshots. Last season, he was 10-of-37. Armed with that information, I can now conclusively conclude that DeAndre’ Bembry cannot shoot. That is my conclusive conclusion.

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