Frank Mason 13 Points Full Highlights (12/2/2017)

Would you call the shot that happens at 0:15 a dunk? Of course not, right? Frank Mason was about two feet below the rim when he let that shot go. Nothing about it was even remotely dunk-like. It was simply not a dunk.

My friends, the bigwigs in the ivory tower of the NBA would have you believe that Frank Mason’s floater-layup thing was a dunk. Their official record of the shot says as much: “Mason 2′ Driving Dunk (4 PTS) (Bogdanovic 1 AST)”. I was excited to see noted short man Frank Mason dunk in-game, but it seemed fishy from the start: I watched the first three quarters of this game live, and I had no recall of any dunk from a person of such short stature. Now there is concrete proof that the NBA falsifies its box-scores in order to present certain games or players as more exciting than they really are.

Now that I’ve typed these words, I’ll probably be on some kind of internal NBA list of whistleblowers, so if my channel mysteriously goes dark, its because NBA operatives raided my home and blew me up with a grenade.

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