Luke Babbitt 20 Points Full Highlights (12/2/2017)

Before tonight, Luke Babbitt ranked as the 22nd most accurate three-point shooter OF ALL TIME. Out of all the dudes who somehow found themselves wearing the uniform of an official NBA franchise, only 21 of them shoot/shot threes better than Babbeast.

And I actually just recalculated things taking tonight into account because of my manic desire to have accurate statistical information, and he’s up to 19th now, tied with Joe Ingles. Take that Jose Calderon! Take that Troy Daniels, shouldn’t have gone 1 for 4 tonight you dumbass! And Babbitt would’ve passed Allen Crabbe, but he let him shoot 3 of 5.

The fact that those names are on the list with Babbitt should tell you all need to know about how valuable that list is in determining who a good NBA player is. Not very. Still, everyone thinks Babbitt really sucks, and I have evidence that there is at least one aspect of the game where he doesn’t suck. 20 points in the NBA is definitely something a sucky player can achieve, though. Not disputing that.

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