Caris LeVert 17 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (12/4/2017)

I have yet to see much out of Caris LeVert that justifies his nickname “Baby Durant”. That’s the problem with nicknames given out in high school. The different level of competition makes any fringe NBA prospect look like a god, and I’m sure LeVert flashed tons of Durant-like tendencies. Same way that Luke Babbitt was called “Albescent Mamba” during his high school career. No lie. Okay, maybe a little bit of a lie. Totally going to start using that one for him though.

Maybe we should start calling LeVert “Baby Magic” because those passes he had tonight to Jarrett Allen were amazing. Allen isn’t the greatest offensive player right now, but LeVert set him up so cleanly that he had no choice but to dunk it repeatedly. The scoring that LeVert had was good too, really smooth (like Durant????????), but those passes are what set this vid apart.

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