Donovan Mitchell 21 Points Full Highlights (12/4/2017)

Usually I find it annoying when commentators are unabashed homers, but listening to the Jazz guys giddily talk about Donovan Mitchell’s potential is actually sort of tolerable. You can hear their smiles whenever Mitchell scores. It’s like they just got the best Christmas present ever and can’t stop talking about it. Not since Rudy Gobert have they had a young prospect which gets them so excited.

Mitchell’s 21 points were impressive, but after he scored 41 points four days ago, 21 points seems rather pedestrian for him. To be fair, he probably would have gotten thirty if he had played in the fourth quarter of this blowout win. I understand that it’s a smart strategy to sit your best players when you’re up by forty, but it’s like Coach Snyder didn’t even want to see if Mitchell could take advantage of the Wizards’ bench unit and maybe drop a fifty-burger.

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