Jamal Murray 22 Points Full Highlights (12/4/2017)

Or: “Jamal Murray Gets Kicked In the Balls and Makes the Free Throws Anyway”

It was like I was watching a Warriors game. Except instead of a “natural shooting motion” it was a “natural defending motion” on the part of one Wesley Matthews. Playing intense defense is all fun and games until someone gets kneed in the nads. Credit to Murray for staying tough and hitting the subsequent foul shots while trying not to think about how he’ll never have kids. No little Jamal Murray Jr.s, ever. Not after that.

Despite the abrupt and complete termination of his bloodline, Murray had a good game, scoring 22 points and not getting into any beefs (beeves?) with the opposing players. He did most of his damage early in the game, leading me to think that he might get 30 or something, but testicular trauma does tend to slow players down. Good news is, he should be good to go after they amputate the mutilated parts.

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