T.J. Warren 25 Points Full Highlights (12/4/2017)

How many points would T.J. Warren have to score before anyone cared? He already scored 40 this year to little fanfare, so the number is definitely higher than that. 50? 50 is a nice round number, and performances with that many points only happen a couple times per season. If he scored 50, people might care a little bit, but a lot less than if it was Devin Booker. 60? I think that’s the magical number. 60 points for Warren would have people talking about him the whole rest of the season, watching Suns games to see if he can do it again (for real the only reason for casuals to watch the Suns right now is to see if Booker can get 70 again).

25 is definitely below the threshold, anyway. Even if he does it by making 12 buckets and no free throws. Even if he does it while teabagging Michael Jordan. It doesn’t matter.

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