Willy Hernangomez 14 Points Full Highlights (12/4/2017)

DownToBuck does not care about defense. Not even a little bit. Defense doesn’t show up in the box-score, you can’t quantify it, therefore I don’t care about it. So when the Knicks commentators talk about how Willy (pronounced ‘Billy’ you uncultured barbarian) Hernangomez is a good rebounder and scorer but can’t stay on the floor because of his poor help defense, I’m like, who the heck cares whether or not he can help on defense?

Here’s the thing: Hernangomez has to see the floor at least fifteen minutes a game. Full stop. If he doesn’t get minutes, you know what’s gonna happen? Porzingis is gonna get pissed off about how the team is treating his best friend and he’s gonna look for another team where he and Hernangomez can form a devastating tandem. You think I’m joking right now? Here’s a snippet from Porzingis’ personal diary which I stole from his house while he was out partying or whatever:

“Dear Diary,

If the Knicks don’t play my best friend Willy at least fifteen minutes a game, I’m going to demand a trade. I don’t care about his lack of defensive awareness.


It doesn’t get any clearer than that, folks. #FreeWilly

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