Fred VanVleet 13 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (12/5/2017)

Last night, Fred “Mini Miles Plumlee” VanVleet of the Raptors faced off against fellow midgets Tyler Ulis and Mike James of the Suns, and the result was actually not as exciting as you would expect. The combined fifteen points and four assists of the two Phoenix midgets was roughly as impressive as the statistical output of the singular Raptors midget, who had thirteen points and six assists. VanVleet has never shown himself to be capable of scoring outbursts, but Ulis and James definitely have, so I honestly expected this midget battle to be way more lopsided than it was.

It’s easy to watch the Raptors this year and think that Cory Joseph is still on the team if you’re not paying attention. VanVleet, in addition to looking like a small version of Miles Plumlee, is similar enough in appearance and stature to Cory Joseph that, if you didn’t keep track of all the scrub shuffling that happened in the off-season, you could easily get confused. I personally think that Cory Joseph is still on the Raptors somewhere and is just hiding.

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