Joe Ingles 16 Points Full Highlights (12/5/2017)

I feel for my Australian brothers. NBA games that happen at normal times here in the states are at weird times over there, plus everything costs more because they’re on an island (they tell you it’s a continent but they’re wrong), plus the government censors the internet so I’m not even sure if they get to read DTB descriptions, plus the Australian constitution includes a mandate that every Australian citizen must watch at least one Joe Ingles highlight video every day.

Okay, that last one’s not so bad. I do that one already without even trying even without a mandate. But the other things kind of suck. That’s why I try to make as many Joe Ingles highlight videos as possible; to do my part, however small, in easing the existential pain of the average Australian. If I can bring some miniscule amount of joy into the collective tortured existence of the Australian populace, then I have done my job.

Australians might try to tell you that things aren’t so bad over there. That they enjoy a high standard of living and that their freedoms aren’t being trampled on a regular basis. They have to say those things because of the internet censorship. They can’t tell you their real opinions. If one of them tried to leave a comment on my video that said “DTB can I come live with you, I had to eat rancid koala meat for the fourth straight day because I can’t afford groceries that are four times as expensive as other first-world nations”, the comment would never make it through the censors.

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