OG Anunoby 16 Points Full Highlights (12/5/2017)

I was just looking at OG Anunoby’s basketball-reference page, and you know how at the bottom of every player’s page there’s a section for transactions? Like, when they got traded and for whom? I shouldn’t have looked at that.

Frickin’ Greivis Vasquez, man. Why the heck did the Bucks trade for him? We traded TWO first-rounders for a one-year rental of a guy who sucked huge rod and then got injured. The Raptors drafting Norman Powell with the first of those picks was bad enough. And now they draft Anunoby with the other one? I didn’t even realize that that was our pick. OUR PICK, which was FRITTERED AWAY for VENEZUELAN TRASH. The Bucks could be the ones with those promising young talents. Powell is already a damn nice player, and Anunoby is a frickin’s starter for a playoff team already. God damn. Who thought it was a good idea to trade so many picks for Vasquez? I bet it was Jason Kidd’s fault. It always is, somehow.

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