Evan Fournier 27 Points Full Highlights (12/6/2017)

Evan Fournier is quietly averaging more points than ever, 18 per game, on a better efficiency, than he ever has before. Normally, a young-ish (he’s only 25) player doing that would garner at least some attention, but not Fournier. The Magic have a tendency to take exciting players and make it so that no one cares about them anymore, and that is exactly what’s happened here. If he was on even a playoff team, we’d hear a lot more about him.

Basketball-reference claims his nickname is “Don’t Google”, and we already know all about that. For those unaware, if you Google his name, pictures will come up that show how fast his hair is thinning, and it’s really gross plus it triggers dudes who are balding themselves. I don’t know how he got that nickname while his hair was still decent, but it stuck and now it’s the truest moniker in the league.

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