Gary Harris 24 Points Full Highlights (12/6/2017)

I didn’t watch the Pelicans-Nuggets game last night, but the box-score tells a plain story: Gary Harris was dominant in the first half (to the tune of 18 points) but only scored six points (on a three-pointer and some free throws) in the second half. Can somebody who watched the game tell me what happened there? Remember, I have no opinions on the game other than my preconceived incorrect ones. In this case, my preconceived incorrect opinion is that the Nuggets stopped giving Harry Garris the ball in his spots and he got out of his rhythm and started missing all the shots he did take.

Hopefully, the reason for Harris’ disappointing second half has little or nothing to do with Harris himself playing poorly. There is no room on my channel for measured, logical critique of my OTL (one true love). If it really is his own fault that he scored just six points and missed a bunch of shots when the team needed those shots, I don’t want to hear it. Tell me instead about how Jamal Murray isn’t a real point guard or how Emmanuel Mudiay is a real point guard but not a good one. Or how Mason Plumlee is overpaid trash. Ideally your provided explanation will include all these things because they match my incorrect preconceived opinions.

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