Jeff Green 17 Points Full Highlights (12/6/2017)

Jeff Green has been remarkably consistent for the Cavaliers this season. His whole career has been marked by games where he mysteriously disappears, or where he shows up only to miss every shot he takes, but this season he’s been more reliable. At the very least, he’s made a field goal in every single game, and he hasn’t had any total duds where he goes 1-of-8 from the field or whatever.

Does sharing a locker room with LeBron make that much of difference? Jeff Green must be aware of his own status as LeBron James 0.2, so he might strive for greater things when he’s constantly around LeBron James 1.0. Or, for the first time in his life, he’s on a real contender (not a pretender contender like the Clippers two years ago), so there’s some extra motivation in the form of a swag championship ring.

I’m not going to say Jeff Green has turned a corner, because he probably hasn’t, but maybe we can get through the whole season without some Sports Illustrated article popping up wondering why he doesn’t do more.

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