Jrue Holiday 27 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (12/6/2017)

It’s taken a while, way longer than it should’ve, but Jrue Holiday is finally establishing himself as clearly the superior Holiday brother. Why it was ever a contest is a mystery, but Justin has been in a slump lately and Jrue is starting to play like the 25 million guy the Pelicans paid him to be.

Aaron Holiday is excluded from this discussion because A.) he’s a midget and B.) he’s not in the NBA right now.

We would be looking at another 30-burger for Jrue if he had one of those open threes that he missed, but this is still a really nice game for him. Since DeMarcus scored 40, he’ll rightfully get all the attention, but remember: 40 is only 13 more than 27. #truefax

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