Kris Dunn 18 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (12/6/2017)

Is Kris Dunn… legit? Find out the answer next time on “Discussing the Merits of Various Players Once Considered Draft Busts with DownToBuck”!

Fine, I’ll tell you now, since you’re being so impatient. Kris Dunn. Legit? The truth is, it’s too early to say. He’s putting up some numbers with a horrible team, which is definitely better than what he easily could be doing instead, which is not putting up any numbers on a horrible team. But he’s not really contributing to winning basketball, which is something you want a fifth overall pick to do.

He has been a bit better recently, though. Not as many turnovers and maybe slightly more assists, plus some confidence in his three-ball. If he was doing this kind of stuff in his rookie year, he may have even gotten some consideration for ROY, as crazy as that sounds.

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