Taurean Prince 19 Points Full Highlights (12/6/2017)

Taurean “Half of Milli Vanilli” Prince is still the second-leading scorer on the Hawks behind Dennis Schröder. Since PPG is the only accurate and reliable way to compare players, Prince’s 12.5 points per game makes him the second-best player on the Hawks. Not bad for a guy only in his second year!

If you look at the roster, the idea doesn’t even seem so far-fetched. Who on that team could you point to and say “that guy is absolutely 100% better than Taurean Prince and it cannot be refuted even by somebody who is really smart”? Ersan Ilyasova would be if he hadn’t fallen face-first off the cliff of old age (he claims he’s 30, but his “misplaced” birth certificate probably has him at 34). Kent Bazemore also could be better if he wasn’t so bad this year. John Collins honestly effects wins more than Prince does, but again, we’re back to the PPG thing. Collins has less PPGs than Prince has PPGs.

I could ironically bring up Luke Babbitt here, but I should treat him like a real life NBA player with feelings and not some walking, talking joke who exists only to be mocked.

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